web / print / visual identity / PSD to HTML / search engine optimization / photo retouching


Industry Canada

When I needed to boost design services in my department, I had to choose someone adept at corporate design who could also understand our unique budget demands. After interviewing Diane Clayton at Pixelese, she was able to quickly get up to speed and work within our continually revised production schedule. Her sharp attention to detail shined through on Industry Canada’s Compendium of Government Programs and Services for the Advancement of Technology Roadmaps project. She managed the final editing of English and French, extensive revisions, and print production seamlessly with professional elegance.
Michel Kurita


The primary challenge when writing a company recommendation is to cite superlatives that are relevant to others. An attribute that one person might value is not necessarily persuasive to another. So, what is universal? It’s not artisanship, or quality, or attention to detail, as those attributes can arguably be extended to any enterprise. The true mark of the value of a company’s services is not the value upon initial contract, or from the delivery of the service. Almost any venture can attract a client’s business, once. It’s when a client comes BACK, time and again, that sets a vendor apart, and that is my experience with Pixelese. We are this month mutually embarking on a fifth project together, after a business relationship of almost ten years. Mine is a hypercompetitive market, I have to hit my goal in the initial opportunity window, and Pixelese “gets it.” That’s why you’re reading this.
Steve Jackson

Anteal Boutique

Diane’s work is extremely detailed, covering every aspect of visual design, formatting, concept-to-finish while being very creative in her choices. She has a great eye for budget control and resourcing. She is very reliable and knowledgable about her area of expertise and I would highly recommend her for any graphic/web design that you might need.
Greg Niebel

Wired Musician

Diane is amazing: she is that rare combination of excellent graphic designer AND web technician, fluent in several programming languages, able to do things with HTML and CSS that shouldn’t be possible. The only reason I hesitate to post this endorsement is that I want her all to myself!
Jeffrey Cotton

Herringbone (the band)

Diane has vision. She effectively translated the band’s personality and our music into the interactive visual language of the web. Diane is current with tools and techniques; her technical work is thorough and meticulous to the pixel. We can attribute many new gigs to the web presence she gave us and she has our highest recommendation.
Andre Van Schyndel