web / print / visual identity / PSD to HTML / search engine optimization / photo retouching


My name is Diane, and I’m a designer with over a decade of experience creating visual identities, websites and print work.

I’m also a language junkie. Language is how we communicate. Some speak Chinese, some Japanese or Portuguese, and even Legalese. Me? I’m fluent in Pixelese. I’m obsessed with the power that words and graphics together have to inspire, seduce and convince. I want to work with you to wield that power and motivate your audience to stay, read, watch, buy, and engage with you and your business.

With formal training in physics, cog sci, art history, music, and, of course, design, I have the expertise to understand anything you can throw at me from the ground up, and have a proven track record of translating your vision into visuals.

Let’s start talking Pixelese for your next project!



  • gorgeous designs
  • pristine code
  • refined details


  • W3C standards
  • cross-browser compatibility


  • semantically-meaningful code
  • user-based approach


  • recycle, reduce, reuse
  • FSC and Green Seal
  • carbon-neutral studio